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For Males, about penis size.

Penis size is often a topic of discussion among adolescents, and young males brag about their size to each other. This leads to misconceptions and worries among those "less" endowed.

The average size of erect penis is 6.2 inches in length and 3.7 inches in girth. However, this varies slightly with ethnicity. Apart from size, a firm erection and timely ejaculation are essential to obtain maximum sexual pleasure.

While all men clearly state that bigger their penis, more confident and happy they feel, women appear divided on this issue. Some women say that love and foreplay are more important for sexual pleasure than penis size and a very large penis can sometimes be a put off.

This is possibly because women think that a very large penis will cause them pain during intercourse. Other women say that a big penis makes a man more attractive and desirable.

Along with being instrumental in providing sexual pleasure, the penis is vital for procreation. Therefore, penis size is important. A too small penis will fail to penetrate the female sex organs and, therefore, prevent procreation. Micro penis, a penis that is about 2.6 inches in length and 2.76 inches in girth is one problematic condition. It is seen in a small number of males and is often diagnosed at birth.

This and other medical problems like hypospadias and fibroses require surgical alteration of the penis. This procedure is known as phalloplasty. Changes are made to the length and the width of the penile shaft and not to the penis head. Surgery increases penis length by approximately 2 to 3 cm.

Girth is increased by either lipo sculpture or dermal grafts and foreign tissue implants. While surgery to increase length is safe and has no side effects, foreign tissue implants to add to girth may lead to tissue rejection. In the worst case, infection may occur and the penis may be deformed forever.

Apart from medical reasons, doctors resort to penis surgery to meet the psychological or aesthetic needs of men. This need arises when either men themselves or their sexual partners are not satisfied with the size of the penis.
To conclude, penis is important both for procreation and pleasure, but it is unhealthy to become obsessed with its size. Instead of listening to peers or sexual partners, young men who feel that their penis size is not adequate, can approach a doctor.

Lack of sexual awareness and experience leads to misconceptions and worries about penis size. Male penis enhancement through surgery or other means is often unnecessary and a waste of time and money. Only a doctor can say whether male penis enhancement is essential for medical reasons.

So, approach one if you have any doubts. As the adage goes, "Half knowledge is worse than ignorance."

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