FastSIZE penis extender


Have you ever felt out of place when using public showers?
Did you feel like everyone was looking at you because your penis was much smaller than theirs? Have you ever wanted to make a change so badly to the size of your penis but you thought the only option was surgery? Worry no more! Introducing the FastSIZE? Extender - a revolutionary and proven way to increase the length and thickness (girth) of the penis naturally. No pills, no pumps and no surgery required!
The FastSIZE penis extender is the final solution to your size problems. Using patented technology, the device works using traction to help tissue inside of your penis grow. When the tissue is stretched, cells in the area are forced by the body to break down and multiply.

Don't fall for the "get big quick" schemes. You don't fall for the "get RICH quick" lines anymore so why do the same when it comes to something as important as your penis? So much depends on how you function sexually, why do you want to take risks?

The FastSIZE Extender is proven to work by its customers, and guaranteed to work by our company. You will get the size you want when you put the time and effort in to your stretching regimen. The device is easy to conceal under clothing, so no one will ever suspect you're using it.

The FastSIZE? Extender makes the tissue thicker, thus increasing the size. This method has been used for thousands of years in African tribes to stretch body parts. It is also now used in hospitals to stretch skin over burn areas.

As you can see from the image on the right, the penis is made up of three main cylinders. Two of which that are called the "Corpora Cavernosa." When aroused, these cylinders fill with blood, giving the male an erection. The third cylinder, called the "Corpus Spongiosum" is located in-between the two Cavernosa cylinders, and is where semen is ejaculated. When the Fastsize Extender is worn, the tissue inside of the penis is stretched very slowly over an extended time period. This shallow yet effective use of traction allows for an adaptation of the penis, meaning your penis will adjust to the increase in size, making it permanent.

One of the more common questions we get is: "How can this device increase the girth as well?" The answer is not so easy to understand. While the device is breaking down blood cells in the tissue, the cells multiply and start to fill the new tissue being expanded. Because blood fills the entire area of tissue and does not line up vertically, the width of the penis is increased at the same time as the length. This is done naturally.

Because of tissue expansion and blood cell increases, more blood must flow into the penis. While using the device your penis will naturally increase in blood flow allowing for harder erections. This is just one of the many positive benefits of using the device.

As the industry leader in real, effective, and medically backed penis enlargement, we confidently reply... YES! If you use the device as stated in our instructional manual, you are guaranteed to increase the size of your penis. Over 17,000 satisfied customers cannot be wrong!


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