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Alternatives to surgery: other effective methods of increasing male potency and power
In recent years, the all-or-nothing nature of penis augmentation discussion has changed: instead of being forced to choose between risky surgery and learning how to make up for their size in other ways, men now have a whole range of supplements and natural enhancements they can choose. Virtually risk-free, these products have been tested by doctors and proven to enhance virility and performance! These safe natural alternatives have an unbelievable success rate, and are becoming a very popular alternative to risking impotence. penis enhancement device

On the topic of natural alternatives, another very popular new product addresses a related area in which men often feel inadequate: the amount and quality of ejaculate they produce. Semenax™ ( ), an oral supplement, also consists of all-natural ingredients, increases the volume of semen, the vigor of sperm, and the strength of orgasms, giving you better "power and distance."

Another natural supplement used by Peyronie's sufferers is Potaba, or potassium amonobenzoate, that has been shown to yield some benefits; however, the cost can be high since the therapy requires 24 pills a day for up to 6 months. There are a number of other oral medications and supplements available by prescription for Peyronie's disease. For any of these approaches, men are advised to consult a physician.

The amount of time spent and amount of tension applied are the two primary factors that determine how fast the penis will grow. Many men also choose to use penis enlargement supplements to increase the effects, such as with the ProExtender System™.

Women's libido-booster supplements
Now, there are products to help the woman achieve a stronger sex drive, a healthy excitement and interest in sex, a more complete natural arousal, and better responses throughout the sexual arousal cycle including a more powerful climax.These supplements are typically blended herbal formulas with a number of natural ingredients that each address some aspect of the female sexual response cycle. For instance, some ingredients act on the circulatory system to increase blood flow to the genitals, while others directly enhance production and balance of hormones associated with sexual health. Other ingredients may be specifically chosen for their beneficial effects on the female reproductive system and ability to create overall relaxation or a sense of well being. Taken daily, these supplements are meant to increase sexual response time, boost libido, intensify sexual sensations and orgasm, and balance the hormonal system for proper reproductive functioning.

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